Detailed Hospital Checklist for Ebola Preparedness and Webinar

In light of the recent domestic case of confirmed Ebola in Texas, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) continues to encourage U.S. hospitals to prepare for managing patients with Ebola and other infectious diseases. To that end, ASPR and CDC held a webinar on September 29 entitled, “Ebola Preparedness for the U.S. Healthcare System.” A recording of the webinar is now available on ASPR’s website. Additionally, ASPR and CDC developed a Detailed Hospital Checklist for Ebola Preparedness that provides practical and specific suggestions to ensure your hospital is able to detect possible Ebola cases, protect your employees, and respond.

ASPR and CDC ask that all components of the U.S. healthcare system remain vigilant and take steps to be as prepared as possible to protect communities and the nation from emerging infectious diseases such as Ebola. CDC has numerous published resources and references to help preparedness efforts. Visit the CDC’s Ebola website frequently for up-to-date information about Ebola.

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