CDC Media Briefing: Update on the Second Case of Ebola in a U.S. Healthcare Worker

On Oct. 15, Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell and the CDC hosted a media briefing to provide an update on the second case of Ebola in a healthcare worker at the Texas Presbyterian Hospital. Secretary Burwell emphasized that HHS will be taking steps to ensure that clinicians and hospitals are more prepared for cases of Ebola and that the agency will be implementing lessons learned from Ebola treatment units at Emory University Hospital and Nebraska Medical Center into further guidance.

Dr. Frieden stated that the second patient will be transported to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta for care. Both healthcare workers were in contact with the index patient when he had extensive production of bodily fluids and CDC is working closely with this hospital to ensure a safe environment. Secretary Burwell also confirmed that the second patient traveled by air from Cleveland to Dallas on Oct. 13 before showing symptoms on Oct. 14. CDC is working with Frontier Airlines for passenger notification and follow up. CDC also released a factsheet about the steps they are taking related to hospital preparedness for Ebola treatment.

For more information, view the media briefing transcript.

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