CDC Media Briefing: Update on the Case of Ebola Contracted by a U.S. Healthcare Worker

On Oct. 13, the CDC provided an update on the first case of Ebola contracted within the United States in a healthcare worker who cared for the index patient, Thomas Duncan. In light of this case, the CDC will be assessing existing Ebola infection control procedures to improve the safety aspects of these procedures whenever an improvement is identified. CDC has already taken steps to enhance protocols where possible.

Dr. Frieden shared that CDC will work with hospitals throughout the country to ensure that they are asking patients about their travel history. A team at CDC will be increasing training opportunities for healthcare workers and increasing the availability of training materials throughout the healthcare system. Dr. Frieden also stated that enhanced airport screenings at JFK airport had gone into effect on Saturday and that by Thursday, Oct. 16, the remaining four airports will enact enhanced Ebola screening.

Health officials in Dallas continue to monitor the 48 people who had contact with Duncan for symptoms of Ebola, the one individual who was in contact with the healthcare worker when she was potentially infectious, and all healthcare workers who cared for the index patient at Texas Presbyterian hospital.

For more information, view the briefing transcript.

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