Call for Presentations: National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference

The theme for the 2019 National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference is Taking Coalitions to New Heights. Health Care Coalitions (HCCs) are a very real force multiplier for resiliency. They are essential in facilitating a more relevant, timely, effective and efficient response, which in turn improves how affected communities’ needs are met during disasters as well as improving how emergency needs are met every day. Creating an evidence base is vital to making the case for ongoing investment in resiliency. We know that allocating scarce resources requires decision-makers to understand the trade-offs between different opportunities. Building an optimal resiliency portfolio requires robust analysis.

The conference planning team views HCC expenditures as investments as they occur in a context of uncertainty and offer yields both in financial returns and/or improved outcomes. Based on this, the conference looking for presentations that align with the designated topics. Presentations must incorporate coalitions by integrating and adopting various techniques, developing best practices and overall value. We are taking the Emergency Preparedness Cycle up to the next level.

The Conference is operated by the non‐profit healthcare coalition MESH, based in Indianapolis. Submit Your Abstract by May 15 at 11:59 pm EST. Please submit your abstract through the Submission Portal here.

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